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Being a leading Design Home 3-D are service provider in Lucknow, our primary objective is to offer top-quality 3-D Map for construction, Interior Design, Interior Decor, Lightening, Gardening, Landscape, furniture at reasonable prices and design that covers based on required lifestyle of each customer, since customer satisfaction is rooted at the company’s core. We offer interior designing services for home, office and kitchen.

Our company is founded in 2015, Design Home 3-D was initially established for its top classic 3-D Map Design for Construction. Our assorted products reflects an intense way of living, transporting fashion, strength and power into an urban lifestyle. We are dedicated to design and produce a distinct range of interior Arts & Interior Decor with our professional which have 10 years of experienced with latest tech. our Wooden made from the nature and the world. Being a recognized designer and craftsmen, we use the most innovative materials and techniques to bring the comfort and function that your spaces truly deserves. Whatever pieces we produce, they surpass by the materials, textures, scents, flavors and colors that live both inside and outside the urban life.

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